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 Double Standards

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PostSubject: Double Standards   Double Standards EmptyMon 16 May 2011, 10:53 am

Received the following PM from a member and also my reply to him (in bold dark red).

Quote :
Just need t get it off my chest.jus wondering hw cm there are obvious bros whom are more like a dealer than a pure 2nd hand seller whom are selling their stuffs bt you didn't do anything bt sm bros are just hving an item or two which by chance it's new yet you deleted their posts asking them to advertise in dealers thread bt those obvious dealers you didn't do anything?

A gd example wld be mine jus ard a wk or two back where I was jus helping a frd post the angry birds plushies.u deleted it straight away!
Let me tell you a side of the story of why I want to help this frd of mine.he is donating his proceeds to orphanage and two old folks home which our grp of frds go to help out as and when we can.I didn't indicate it because a thank you card would be given upon delivery of every deal.and I don't want to make sm bros and sis here to think otherwise.bt when you deleted it,it's jus makes me wonder am I a dealer or a fellow bro whom hv found this forum lifeless meaningless to cm in surf or post anymore.

Hence I decided not to even post a comment or re post the angry bird advert.

I am just voicing out and making you realise from certain point what people felt about the way you are doing things.nothing against you or I hope you won't bear a grudge or misunderstood my intention of me dropping you this pm.

If you feel that I'm/we are double standard, really, just bring it up in the feedback section, I have no qualms about it. I've been sieving through as much as I can during my PERSONAL free time and trying to remove as much advertisement dealers as much as I can. The last 3 days I was not active at all in moderation as I'm clearing my backlog upon reaching back in Singapore on the 13th.

If you had felt that I locked your thread in error or it should be disputed, you could raise it up to me or the mods/admins, we will then re-decide to allow it or still bar it. This decision is not based on mine and mine alone. Though yes, we are given the full trust to act on any matter we deem fit.

When you choose to keep quiet, then you cannot blame me for not understanding the issue at the first place. You can check with the mods/admins, it is normally decided y the team before any action is taken unless it is outright clear (in this case, mass sales for your angry birds plushies). You did not voice out in the thread or to me, how am I to bring it up to my fellow mods to discuss and even decide?

I'm sorry if you feel this forum is lifeless or meaningless to visit anymore, because it is not my job to make it entertaining and meaningful apart from my ability to moderate the forum(s) to make it as clean as possible.


A kind note to all members.

This forum works with the help of all members, regardless mod or not. I've received many PMs from members notifying me of cases of mass sales or advertisements in un-authorised areas of the forums. With these help, only then we as the Admin/Mod team can react and make our decisions accordingly. It is not easy to sieve through the threads to remove posts or edit information as well as identify advertisers from authentic 2nd hand buyers/sellers.

At many times we still need to make decisions alone to the best of what we can by our own justification.

We will and definitely miss out some at times, but if you feel we had overlooked, you can bring it up to us for review and we will act on it. We don't go through each thread and have to selectively review when we have the time.

We also have our work and personal life to attend to, so reliance on members to make this work is also very important.

If you feel we have no justification to lock or edit or remove your thread, please raise it up in the forum help section or PM any other mods/admin, they will be able to assist or justify to you if it is a team decision to act as so.

The majority of the member's welfare is decided upon the decision made, so if it benefits the members over you, we will take the member's side, this is especially important in the case of buy/sell and advertisements.

We cannot be 100% safe from fraud or sales issues, but as far as the admin/mod team can, we will protect the members interest first and to the best we can.

Hope this clarifies the air and appreciate any feedback on this.

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Double Standards
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