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 Commercial Transactions in VOGS

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Commercial Transactions in VOGS Empty
PostSubject: Commercial Transactions in VOGS   Commercial Transactions in VOGS EmptyWed 18 Feb 2009, 3:34 pm

VOGS is an online forum for users to exchange/share and discuss their vios. Owners of other car makes are also welcome to join VOGS to share and exchange views.

However VOGS is NOT a commercial website. But for the convenience of our users, we have provided two folders for commercial transactions. However be aware of the following as regards any buy/sell transactions.

1) All transactions, be it between shops and buyers, freelancers and buyers, should not involve any 3rd party, including the VOGS moderator team. All disagreements are to be settled in private.

2) There shall be no sales of alcohol, alcohol related products (at moderator discretion), medicinal items and other products that may be seen as potentially harmful to the well being of the members.

3) The forum will not be responsible for any conflicts, issues or disagreements relating to the transactions. The moderator team will not be an avenue to seek redress and/or complain. We will not entertain any either.

4) There will be strictly no flaming between vendors or between vendor and buyer. Any attempt to stir with personal attacks or blatant critisizing of one's products without evidence will be dealt with.

5) Rules and regulations are subject to future changes based on discretion of the moderator team.

Be aware that this is a neutral & cost free platform for all members to market their goods. Any violation of the rules will result in a warning and repeat violation will result in a ban.

VOGS Moderators Team
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Commercial Transactions in VOGS
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